New! Information Brief on Person-Centered Planning and Supports Budgets

Date: 12/2015

HSRI’s intellectual and developmental disabilities team created an information brief that describes the person-centered planning and supports budgeting processes, and illustrates how the two may be integrated.

Thanks to the work of so many, it is increasingly accepted that supports should be tailored to people’s individual preferences, goals, and aspirations. Person-centered thinking and planning can help groups create these personalized supports; it's a process that brings people together to help a person with a disability discover what he or she would like to do in the future and create a plan to help achieve it. Yet, this planning process is even more effective when the group knows the amount of public support (i.e., funding) that is allocated to the person. A supports budget—or a personalized allocation based on an individual’s needs—helps in this regard.

Click on the link below to download the Information Brief.

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