Examining Outcomes for People with Autism

Date: 03/2017

Are people with autism benefiting from disability reforms and supports to the same extent as people with other developmental disabilities? HSRI staff, along with partner Ari Ne’eman, examined the NCI Adult Consumer Survey data to find out. They discovered that, compared with respondents without an ASD diagnosis, respondents with ASD were less likely to have paid jobs in the community, less likely to have had input into major life decisions, and less likely to be included in their communities.

Check out their newly released article in the journal Inclusion, featuring additional findings and some suggestions for future research and policy. Congratulations to the authors: HSRI’s Dorothy Hiersteiner, Valerie Bradley, Julie Bershadsky, and Alixe Bonardi, and Ari Ne’eman of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network!

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