Evaluation of the Minnesota Preferred Integrated Network (PIN) Program

Date: 04/2013

The Preferred Integrated Network (PIN) program is currently being implemented in Dakota County, Minnesota by a managed care organization (MCO)/county partnership involving Medica Health Plan, Dakota County, and Medica Behavioral Health. Enrollees in the program are Dakota county adults with SMI and children with SED who are enrolled in Medicaid. A key component of the PIN program model involves a Patient Navigator model that provides case management and coordination of physical and mental health care and social services for enrollees. HSRI, in collaboration with Desert Vista Consulting, is conducting an evaluation of the PIN program which will assess the effectiveness of the program in addressing access, quality, accountability, and cost issues associated with integrated physical and behavioral health for the target population of adults with SMI and children with SED. In addition, the evaluation will identify the components of the Navigation Model that are most successful and the ways in which they may be refined and replicated.

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