Stephen Oliver

Stephen Oliver

Research Analyst

Stephen is a research analyst whose work is driven by a passion for improving systems and policies to ensure a more efficient and equitable delivery of public services. Stephen is highly skilled in conducting qualitative research and analysis within complex systems and environments. Prior to joining HSRI, Stephen was a project manager and program officer in the international development sector, where his work addressed food systems, agriculture and agricultural policy, and food security. Prior to that, Stephen served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, working to reduce malnutrition with women’s groups and school children.

When not at work, Stephen enjoys pursuing whatever is his passion du jour: cycling, running, swimming, reading, hiking, woodworking, camping, traveling, tinkering, basketball, and hanging out with his friends, family, and his furry friend.


  • Master of public administration, University of Arizona
  • Master of Latin American studies, University of Arizona
  • Bachelor of arts in history, University of Oregon

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