Sebrina Johniken

Sebrina Johniken

Vice President - HR & Administration


Sebrina is a vice president at HSRI and directs the organization's HR & Administration functions. She has been part of the HSRI team for nearly 20 years, and she’s particularly dedicated to helping set a culture of teamwork and mutual support. Across all her areas of expertise—benefits administration, employee relations, recruitment and retention, management, and more—she sets the foundation for HSRI staff to be high performers. Her ability to listen, to be genuine, and to engage staff in organization-wide initiatives sets a tone of collegial respect at HSRI. With her technical skills, Sebrina also provides technical support to staff and is involved in many IT initiatives. She also serves as the liaison to HSRI’s board of directors. 

Prior to joining HSRI, Sebrina was a lead teacher at Bright Horizons, Old West Church, providing care and developing weekly curriculums for the preschool and kindergarten-aged group. Sebrina has previously volunteered at Mission Safe, a program that provides educational assistance and violence prevention to high-risk teens. Sebrina also served on the board of a tenant association, as a tenant representative, contributing to conversations around safety and helping to problem-solve tenant issues.  

Sebrina is family-oriented and enjoys exploring new places, visiting museums, and listening to soul music—especially neo soul!


  • Currently attending Northeastern University for a bachelor of science in leadership
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston, Human Resource Management Certificate Program
  • Katherine Gibbs, Legal Administration Certificate Program 
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