Nicole Mariotti

Nicole Mariotti

Project Coordinator


Nicole is a project coordinator whose work is driven by a passion for protecting and improving the health of the public and their communities. She is particularly skilled at working with public agency staff to streamline processes and facilitate efficient coordination of projects regarding public health data. In addition to supporting the Population Health team, Nicole brings valuable experience working with health care technology, leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and optimize processes for improved health care outcomes. 

Prior to joining HSRI, Nicole was a communications specialist for a health care equipment and technology firm, where her work addressed telehealth and digital patient monitoring. Prior to that, she worked as a hospital unit coordinator with specific focus on patients undergoing cardiothoracic care. Additionally, Nicole volunteered as a COVID-19 contact tracer at the height of the pandemic, diligently working to track and mitigate the spread of the virus within the community. 

When not at work, Nicole enjoys going to the beach and visiting her family. 



  • Bachelor of Science, Stony Brook University
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