Margaret Mulcahy

Margaret Mulcahy

Research Associate

Margaret is a research associate whose work is driven by a passion for using complex datasets to address real-world needs. She is particularly experienced at working with clients to refine their research questions and get the answers they need from their data. Margaret is also highly skilled in quantitative data analysis and visualization using a variety of tools, including Stata, SPSS, dBeaver, SQL Server Management Studio, ArcGIS, and Tableau. She also has extensive experience helping states develop and enhance healthcare transparency sites, from web design to calculating health procedure cost estimates using claims data. She is proficient in Spanish.

Prior to joining HSRI, Margaret was a research assistant at Goodman Research Group, where she worked on external evaluations of educational programs, products, and services. Margaret is active in her community, serving on her local Commission on Disabilities, volunteering as a District Leader with the Humane Society of the United States, and working with Scout, her trained therapy dog, to bring comfort to others.

When not at work, Margaret enjoys volunteering, knitting, and spending time outside with her family. 


  • Master of arts degree in sociology from Brown University
  • Bachelor of arts degree in sociology with a citation in Spanish from Harvard University

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