Comprehensive Behavioral Health System Analysis and Study for Pierce County

HSRI conducted a study of the behavioral health system in Pierce County, Washington State. The main research questions to be addressed were (a) what is the prevalence of behavioral health issues in the county; (b) what is the extent of services available to address behavioral health issues in the county; and (c) what services, policies, or practices should the county pursue to address gaps in the system that would provide the best return on investment. HSRI conducted a mixed methods study, analyzing administrative service utilization and outcomes data and performing interviews with key informants. The study team also administered a Service Planning and Evaluation Survey to a sample of case managers and adult behavioral health service users to identify and understand gaps in service access. Additionally, the study team held a community listening session to gather feedback for the project and take the public’s input and views regarding the current and future behavioral system; the team also administered a follow-up survey with participants to gather additional feedback on the system priorities among county residents. The project culminated in a final report with key recommendations to ensure a comprehensive, cost-effective, and recovery-oriented behavioral health treatment system that meets the needs of the Pierce County community.